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Consulting Women Listserv Guidelines

The CW Listserv is an un-moderated list on which any Consulting Women member can send an e-mail message to the group.  

Consulting Women will remain a closed listserv, so only members will be eligible to and reply to messages from the list.  When you reply to a listserv message, your response will go directly to the person who posted the e-mail.

The purpose of the Consulting Women listserv:

  • To provide a means for asking questions and receiving feedback related to management and development, event venues, client relationships, etc.; and
  • To circulate information about upcoming events, meetings, training sessions, etc. that will be of interest to other consultants;
  • To share project, client, and job opportunities;
  • To share resources useful to other consultants.

We recognize that it is important to be considerate of others’ inboxes.  Some have expressed dissatisfaction with the number of e-mails already going over the listserv, while others have expressed a desire to see the listserv utilized more frequently.  So that we can give options and allow you to find a happy medium, we’ve come up with a set of posting guidelines and headings for the subject line of e-mails sent to the CW list.  It is our intention that by using these headings, you can scan the subject line, learn what is contained in the e-mail without having to read it, and opt to disregard e-mails you have no interest in reading and read only the e-mails of interest to you.

Headings for subject lines of e-mails:

EVENT – Announcements, meetings, events, training sessions, workshops, fundraisers

JOB – Projects, jobs, clients looking for someone to do work, work that can be subcontracted, collaboration opportunities

QUESTION – Can you recommend a good tax attorney?  Do you know of any free meeting spaces in Georgetown?, etc.

SUMMARY – A summary of responses to the questions you post

OFF TOPIC – When something does not fit into one of the above categories, please use this heading so members can choose whether to delete or read if the subject line is of interest.

In addition, it is suggested that before sending a message to the listserv, the sender check to make sure that relevant information is in the subject line so members can decide at a glance whether or not to delete without reading the full message.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Only post information if it falls under one of the categories above.
  • Do not send chain letters, SPAM, or other unnecessary e-mails to the list.
  • When asking a QUESTION of the list, we ask you post a SUMMARY of your responses so all may share the resources. We also ask when responding to a request, please send the response to that person only, not to the full listserv. 
  • Regulate how frequently you post to the list-serv.  A good litmus test for whether or not you’re spamming – have I posted about this topic more than 2-3 times this month already?
  • This is a professional nonpartisan network and therefore it is not appropriate to promote support for political candidates.

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